How to Choose a Good Television

Choosing a television today is not as easy as it used to be some years back. Technology has changed and there are a number of TV technologies and each of them appears to have something unique that makes it a good choice. In the 20th century, choosing a television only involved determining the size you needed since the market was only dominated by the bulk cathode ray tubes (CRT). This is no longer the case. The CRT has been fazed out of the market by the new technologies like LCD, LED, plasma TVs, OLED as well as the DLP. How was the CRT like? This was a huge device having an outwardly curved screen which differs from the new technologies that use flat screens. Its images are usually scanned by a beam of electrons unlike the new technologies. These televisions occupy a lot of space, consume a lot of power and produce some noise. This is why it is rare to get them in most households today since everyone is trying to save on cost of power as well as space as the cost of living has gone high. The new technologies are also affordable thus quickly replacing the CRT. (more…)